Havish Netla

Computer science student at Georgia Tech.

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Georgia Tech

Selected completed credits

  1. CS 1301 - Introduction to Computing
  2. MATH 1551 - Differential Calculus
  3. MATH 1552 - Integral Calculus
  4. PHYS 2211 - Intro Physics I

Expected coursework for 2022-23 school year

  1. CS 1331 - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  2. CS 1332 - Data Structures and Algorithms for Applications
  3. MATH 1554 - Linear Algebra
  4. CS 2050 - Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  5. PSYC 1101 - General Psychology

Work Experience

Internet Education Foundation (Congressional App Challenge)

March 2020 - September 2020

Find sponsors to fund the Congressional App Challenge. Create sponsorship material. Create educational CS material for 5000+ students (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cryptography, Swift). Work on expanding App Challenge to areas without computers. Write introductions for Members of Congress and compile potential sponsors from 338 Members of Congress.


Summer 2020

Developed a ticketing tool to allow employees to submit suggestions and complaints to the corporate office. Ticketing tool created using React, MongoDB, and JavaScript. Work with other interns to design app and get feedback from employees. Learn how to work in a corporate environment.


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MRHS Computer Science Club

2019 - 2022

Start one of the largest clubs at MRHS (130+ members). Create a club curriculum. Organize participation in competitions. Run CS Classes to teach JavaScript, Java, and CS Fundamentals. Manage Officers and Mentors. Liaison with Club sponsor and school's National Honor Society. Manage club website.


2020 - 2022

Direct an international hackathon with 186 people from 20 countries on 6 continents. Create effective sponsorship and promotional materials. Manage finances, apply for grants, and seek out corporate sponsors. Advertise hackathon to target demographic on Devpost and other social media platforms.

Delta V

2018 - 2022

Lead development of machine learning subsystems. Design apps using industry standard UI design tools. Present apps to corporate judges, and industry experts including an angel investor and Forbes 30 under 30 member. Improve existing programming knowledge by learning new technologies and languages to implement at hackathons.

Data Visualizations

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Featured Projects

LEGO Robotics Scoring Apps





I created two LEGO Robotics scorer iOS apps. The apps were developed using XCode and Swift, and I published the apps to AppStore. I also marketed the apps to many international coach groups and responded to feedback.


May 2020

Medal1st Place

TooLegalDidntRead is an app to solve the growing problem of long and complex legally binding documents by using NLP and keyword extraction to create a shortened version of a legal document that outlines your rights, as well as your legal limitations. This makes sure the company can not make you agree to anything you didn't want to agree to. The software also analyzes US Federal law, Case Law, and State law to find relevant law that applies to your terms of service.

Supply Smart

April 2020

Medal1st Place of 140 University Teams
HooHacks 2020
Finance Track

Deep learning natural language processing based supply and demand analysis and prediction of essential items displayed on a personalized and intuitive web application.


September 2019

MedalTop 10 out of 240 college level teams
MedalBest hack that helped the community
CBRE Group

Deep learning live object and depth recognition with binaural AR audio spatialization and text-to-speech to help the visually impaired see the world with sound using only a smartphone and headphones.


March 2019

Medal1st Place
6th Baltimore Hackathon
Civic Track

News 451 is a minimalistic web application that allows users to see the recent news without clutter or ads. Users can gauge reliability and bias of their news using a custom trained machine learning model.

Technical Skills







React Native



Machine Learning





Systems Engineering

iOS Development

Android Development


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